Save Allegany State Park Rally

So earlier today, Rich Place and I tag teamed an assignment for the Olean Times Herald and The Salamanca Press. Around noon, well over 100 people gathered at the Quaker Lake Bath House to rally against Gov. Patterson decision to cut the Quaker area of Allegany State Park. Both Rich’s story and my photos should be appearing in tomorrow’s Olean Times Herald, and next week’s Salamanca Press.

While we were happy to go for our papers, we were planning on going never-the-less. The turnout was really great, and those that attended were very vocal on their desire to save the park, which made for some pretty sweet photos!

Trishten Brisley from South Dayton

Andrew Pitisi from Depew, NY

Samual Brisley of South Dayton and Rachael Riley of Gowanda

Karlie Putt of Arcade checking out one Mark Baker’s rehab birds from the Eagle Dream Rehabilitation Center.

Joshua Weed of Falconer

Justin Ellesworth of Falconer

Kendra Stuckman of Olean passing out signs for people to hold

Shawn and Miranda McKane of Randolph

Rebecca Schultz of Buffalo

People gathering under the tent to sign the petition

People gathering under the tent to sign the petition

Darin Brentley of Lakewood signing the petition to save Quaker.

Margie Phillips and Trishten Brisley of South Dayton taking a photo of (Back) Chris Phillips (front L to R) Samual Brisley, Rachael Riley and Rebekah Brisley

(Back L to R) Chris and Margie Phillips, (Middle) Samual Brisley, Rachael Riley and Rebekah Brisley (In front) Trishten Brisley

Senator Catherine Young speaking with skiiers

Senator Catherine Young speaking to rally attendants

Miranda McKane of Randolph had one of the best seats in the house!

Senator Catherine Young speaking to ralley attendants

Now, Before you view this photo, prepare yourself for a cuteness overload….

…3 year old William McDonald of Buffalo, NY

He’s so sweet, I got a cavity.

For the accompanying story, please check out tomorrow’s edition of the Olean Times Herald (March 14th) and the next issue of the Salamanca Press (March 18th)


❤ B.Marie


7 thoughts on “Save Allegany State Park Rally

  1. thank u so much for taking our pictures thats so awsome is there anyway you could email justin n joshua to me there my sons n it would make them sooo happy to have them on our wall. thanks christina weed
    justin ellworth
    joshua weed

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed them!

      I was actually quite surprised with the range of people that were there. I saw a number of people from the Bonaventure community, in addition, there were people from all over the area: South Dayton, Depew, Gowanda, Arcade, Falconer, Ranpolph, Olean, Lakewood, Buffalo, and the Salamanca Press reporter, Rich Place, interviewed someone from Canada!

      1. Yes, I took their picture together as they were standing in front of me. They said they were from Toronto. The Allegany appeal is widely known. I hope they will keep it open.

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