Andy Parker and his Weather Machine

So this past Friday, March 5th, Channel 2 meteorologist Andy Parker came to Allegany, NY to broadcast his morning show from EB Eatery, and to put on a presentation about weather to the Allegany-Limestone K-6 students.

Why? Well it’s a contest Mr. Parker holds, and over a few month period Allegany-Limestone accumulated the most votes. The reward: the students were taken to an assembly at the Allegany-Limestone, where Andy Parker put on an interactive show, bringing students up to the stage to not only learn about how weather works, but even to experience it.

I was given the assignment to photograph and videograph this event on Wednesday, and Thursday night I attempted to go to bed at 8PM, as I would have to be up at 3AM to make it to the morning broadcast at 5AM. Honestly Andy, I don’t know how you do a 5AM show everyday. Of course, it didn’t help that I couldn’t fall asleep for the life of me, and ended up getting less than 3 hours of sleep.

Never-the-less, 3AM rolled around and I was out of bed, up and ready and taking my very cold behind over to EB Eatery, where parents and young kids (I think there was like one teenage. Hey, if it wasn’t my job I wouldn’t have been there at 5AM either. That’s why God gave us DVR), were piling in for morning coffee, a signed picture of Andy Parker, and hoping to get a moment on the Channel 2 camera.

Despite my exhaustion (which I believe was evident in my inability to comprend thoughts in under 20 seconds), the people at EB Eatery were very helpful to me, and Andy Parker was very pleasant. I got my shot, and went to the OTH to upload.

Then at 9:45AM I headed over to the Allegany-Limestone High School for the assembly, where I learned that the elementary students have been learning about weather for nearly a month now, and  have prepped themselves for this big day. On stage, a group of appointed cheerleaders held cards spelling “VOTE”, and they rolled out a large banner reading “Bring it on Andy!” The cheerleaders and students beckoned Andy Parker on stage by spelling out his name, and Mr. Parker came bursting through the banner as the students cheered.

He then proceeded to bring students on stage for different activities involving how weather works and creating simulation experiences for them to try out, including an air bubble, a large ball that produces static electicity and of course his famous, specially designed Weather Machine, which simulated summer heat, wild winds, a tornado, and even a snow storm.

The kids really enjoyed the show, and I personally was impressed with how much interaction there was. It seems like Mr. Parker brought up students for every activity he had, and kept the rest of the audience heavily involved.

In addition, he was nice enough to take some time and do an interview with me for the video feature for the OTH website. Please take a look!

❤ B. Marie


2 thoughts on “Andy Parker and his Weather Machine

  1. I really like your writing style, its not generic and extremly long and tedious like a lot of blog posts I read, you get to the point and I really enjoy reading your articles! Oh, and merry Christmas!

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