Seniors 2009

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated.

Sorry about that.

I planned on being consistent with this, however this fall season has been far busier than I had foreseen. So, it’s time to update!

This entry will focus on the high school seniors I had this summer.

Christian S.

Christian was my first this year. He was also the first senior that I had the opportunity to do “in studio”. As of this summer, I moved to a new location on Jackson Avenue in Salamanca, and finally have an entire room I can dedicate to a studio. I don’t have a whole lot of equipment, but hey, it’s a start!

So this is Christian! A student from Catt-LV, his theater background sure shined through! Check out this kid’s smile!

Christian was a real sport, being my first in studio senior, there was a lot of experimenting.

So for his outdoor session, we headed up to the Allegheny State Park, which is actually only up the road from my studio!

Love that shot. This fella could model.

It was really great working with you Christian! Even when you slipped in the creek 🙂


Kyle was my second senior. Actually, his mother first booked me for her upcoming wedding, however, when she found out she was going to be having another baby on the way, she decided hold off on that for awhile. Kyle was quiet at first, but after awhile in front of the camera, he warmed up to it 🙂

I just loved his hockey jersey. We had a lot of fun with that!

So clad in a Tux, Kyle and I headed up to the State Park for his outdoor session.

This really wicked cool grass was something I came upon during Christian’s session. It was a little damper that day, but for Kyle’s session it was dry and shiny! So cool!

Kyle was a lot of fun, and quite the sport, putting up with me dragging him around the park in that suit! Thanks Kyle 🙂


Kristen was a young gal I remembered from photographing her mom’s wedding the previous year. I was really fortunate to get the opportunity to photograph such a gorgeous girl!

What a doll right? She brought a few different outfits, so I had lots to work with when it came to color effects, but what really sold her is that romantic look of hers! Just to die for!

So Kristen only wanted to do her photos in studio, so we had to get a little innovative!

My first time experimenting with shadowing effects

We did an over abundance of head shots.

Loved this girl. And she put up with a lot of photos, so Kristen, it was great to have you!


So Adam is the little brother of my best friend, Amberle, who’s done a lot of modeling for me in the past. Adam was, of course, a total hoot. A drama study all his life and growing up with a total ham for a sister, it’s no wonder he’s a natural in front of the camera!

Adam let me goof off a little bit, but I think it turned out rather neat 🙂

What a ham 🙂

Thank you for coming in Adam. As always, it was great to have you. You’re such a good sport! Adam will also be featured in a future blog about family portraits and couples portraits!

Christian M.

So Christian here was my second Christian of the year. A Salamanca student and a friend of Adam’s, I actually remember Christians from my years at Salamanca High (like that was SO long ago). I must say, it’s a real honor that these kids I saw grow up let me take the photos that define such important moments in their lives.

Love his dramatic football player look 🙂

So Classy!

I love Jerseys! Thanks Christian, and be sure to check out the Couples blog later on, when Christian and his lady Kelsey are featured!


Kayla and her family came in for dual family/senior session. It was a lot going on at once, but it was a lot of fun!

Loved this girl’s eyes. So romantic!

And her hair 🙂

My most work doing multiples. It was quite the challenge!

Then we did these really neat ones down at the beach. Loved these 🙂

Kayla was a pleasure to have! And be sure to look for her in the upcoming Family blog!


Here’s another fella that I saw grow up. Ironically, I helped a girlfriend babysit this fella on many occasions, and when he came in, he recalled a time when he fell down my basement stairs. I was sorta hoping he’d forget about that!

Despite his need to blink between each shutter, his eyes really sparkled 🙂

Instead of going to Allegheny State Park like a lot of kids wanted to do, Brian opted to visit a few locations throughout Salamanca.

So we did eventually go up to the park, but I gotta say, the ones in town were some of my favorites!

Brian was a lot of fun to have. Unfortunately, on our outdoor session I did lock myself out of the car and had to use a screw driver to get to my spare….but he was a good sport about it 🙂 Thanks Brian!

And be sure to look for Brian and his lovely lady in the upcoming Couples Blog!


So Chris was very last minute. His photos were due the first week of November and he called me the last week of October. The editing was a little rushed, but we got a lot of good photos out of the session.

This fella had wicked awesome eyes!

Like Brain, Chris decided not to the State Park, but rather to his home in Killbuck, where they has some kick butt scenery!

Chris was a shy one,  but I hope he liked his photos as much as I did. Thanks for coming in Chris!


So Erika worked with Kristen, a previous senior of mine, and suggested me for her senior photos, which were due in a few days. Talk about speed editing!

Fortunately, she was gorgeous, so it wasn’t much work.

So, with a few awesome head-shots under out belt, we went up to the state park!

I can’t get over how beautiful this girl was. Great romantic shots!

Best Jump Ever!

So Erika was a bag of fun! But the day after she called, I got another phone call, from a friend of hers that was in the same BOCES class she was in, a young gal named Amber. So, I edited faster.


Once again though, she was so gorgeous, it’s not like it was much work 🙂

Million Dollar Smile 😀

Eip! I can’t get over how gorgeous this girl is!

Another great jump!

So the chain from Kristen to Erika to Amber was a pretty sweet deal! I’m really greateful that I got the chance to photograph all these awesome chicks!

And even better: All my kids this year were really great, and each of their albums all had something unique about them. So fab.

So these were my seniors this year. I hope you guys enjoyed the photos! Looking forward to next year! 🙂

Much Love,

❤ B. Marie


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