The Barber Shop Gathering and The Rally in the Valley

So recently I’ve been doing a lot of assignments involving old men doing what they love. It makes for some terribly corny pick ups lines, awkward jokes, and some really cute memories. Recently I went to the gathering of numerous chapters of Barber Shop singers in our area. It was a bunch of old men (and like, 7 young ones) all singing in perfect harmony. I won’t like, I’ve had Coney Island stuck in my head for days. None the less, I got some really fun shots.

When I first got there I was a little confused though. There was a huge ice cream truck surrounded vocalists. I asked one of the fellas “Hey, is this the Barbershop performance or an Ice Cream Social? …. Hey, I got a laugh out of it!


Men with their mouths open…




If those don’t make you smile, idk what would! This next little lady was the daughter of a director from one of the chapters. She stared up at her dad with such admiration. I think she was taking notes!


The whole crew went outside at one point and sang a few patriotic songs in front of the WarVets Memorial. It was pretty sweet!



I honestly had a lot of fun. Everyone was so pleasent and easy to work with. I love assignments like that.

The assignment I had this evening was part of the Rally in the Valley motorcycle event. I’m actually a little bumbed. I’m doing a wedding tomorrow, and missing the main events of the Rally, however, I got a real nice dose of it today during the parade and at Bradners Stadium in Olean.


This little Biker Babe Chloe was my favorite part of the event. She’s got her own set of wheels and is ready to ride with the big boys! Rock on girl!!!


These next ones were from the actual parade.


This lady here, Thersea, was a great shot. She was laughing the whole way down!


This is Chloe’s dad Kendal, showing off for the camera. I won’t lie, he scared the bejesus out of me!


These two cousins not only shared the same birthday, but always the same biker fashion!


And finally, a little more Chloe, because she was just too awesome.


Until next time!



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